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How to measure your site’s success

New websites are being created every single day.  You want your website highly revered, but with so many tools and methods for measuring your sites success what is a site owner to do?  Other the next few posts, I will be highlighting several tools, measurements and tools to examine the successfulness of your website.  Remember everyone has a different goal for their website.  It is important to first discover your sites reason for existence, measure your sites conversion rates or how many times your goal is completed, then improving the site and testing again.

Most people consider a website to be a static piece of paper, to be read and discarded.  However, I consider a site to be a living breathing organism which needs nuturing and care, to assist it to grow into a fruitful and worthwhile endeavour.  I will layout a few tips for improving your sites success, in later posts, I intend to delve deeper and includ:

  • Determining your site’s goals
  • Tools for measuring your sites success
  • Tips to improve your site’s success
  • Other useful tidbits

How have you been measuring your sites success? Has it helped?

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