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What are spiders, and/or bots?

Spide Web

I recently started looking at the stats for my website and this blog. I have seen a barrage of all sorts of spiders on my site.

You maybe wondering, what is a spider? Well, the internet is commonly called the web, so you need spiders to see what on the web. They in turn send that information to their search engine, Google, yahoo, and others.

Therefore, since I have been receiving many different spiders I thought I would detail some of the ones I get and what they are.

  1. Googlebot
    1. Is of course run by Google.
  2. IceRocket
    1. IceRocket is a popular blogging spider.
  3. Snapshot
    1. Takes a picture of your site.
  4. There are several hundred other spiders on the internet. Most look for content so other people can find it.
  5. Have you seen any spiders/ bots on your sites?

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