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The Business of Working with Clients

I’ve looking at my techniques for managing and assisting clients.  I have recently found that letting clients come to me, simply isn’t a viable and pleasant method.

In one such case, I had a client that was a personal contact of mine.  I created her a site, much for getting the business to the next stage.  As time went on, we made improvements and the like.  After I completed the project I lost touch with the client, and the site continued as it was.

Well, a short time ago, the client contacted me again expressing displeasure with the state of things.  I was completely blindsided, and furthermore the client had already found a new team to assist her and was progressing on a new site.  A few short weeks later, I was down one of my clients.

This effectively showed me, clients need checking up on.  I missed an opportunity to find out what this client wanted and capitalize on it, thereby improving their business.

I contacted a full time freelancer friend of mine and asked a few questions about what methods they’ve used.  The first suggestion was at holidays send letters of appreciation and the like.  Lastly, on some sort of schedule write them and see how things are going.

Essentially migrating from my reactive state to being proactive.

Restaurants do it, managers proactively go around and ask, “How’s your meal?”.  It’s a simple move and yet, they can catch anything before clients get angry and never return.

My questions going forward:

How do you handle the relationship of clients?  Regular contacting, letters, emails, flowers?

When is too much or when are you not doing enough?

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One Response to “The Business of Working with Clients”

  1. Holiday greetings can definitely work. One of the things I do is to simply keep my clients in mind. Maybe I come across something while reading that I think they’d be interested in and I send them an email and a link. Other times an idea comes to mind for something they might do with their site to improve it and their business and I’ll email the idea to them.

    Any time you have a client you want to keep working with think about them and their sites while you’re doing your usual routine. There are usually things that will come up that give you a reason to get in touch, say hi, and share what you found.