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Github Project – Hairduct


I wanted to annouce a project I have recently started using the Codeingiter framework.  Codeigniter itself offers alot of features that I believe will help improve rapid development, including caching, database abstraction, and a few other things I’ll learn as time progresses.  The general purpose of this system is to be a API aggregator, my goal is to display multiple social media sites, emails from gmail, etc all on one page.

Choices Ive Made

At this moment, I plan on using sqlite.  Many have asked why I choose this database.  This system will not be heavy database driven and I envision creating a system that most users can easily install without an overly complicated setup procedure.  Using a full database solution would limit the users who can readily use the system.

If you care to follow along, want to poke fun at my code or want to join in, you can do so here: http://github.com/resnostyle/Hair-Duct.  I already own the hairduct.com domain, so dont try taking it.

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