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Framework Envy

A friend and I were considering embarking on  a small quest to begin a start-up.  We had an idea that we both liked and saw a market for product.  I jokingly mentioned we should use one of my favorite PHP frameworks, CodeIgniter and he quickly said No.  I was taken aback by the response and asked why the flat No.  I learned it amounted to he was comfortable with the faults of his framework, that being Zend and didnt want to branch out.

Im sure he had other issues with my framework of choice, but it made me wonder.  He generally comes off as a person who will try something new out and give it a spin, but he was geninuely against using Codeigniter.  Maybe its not the “enterprise solution” he uses. Im further curious because he has grips with having to append every function with Zend, and the lack of documentation.  Codeigniter on the other hand has very well documented functions and the naming convention is much improved when compared to Zend.

Im curious what PHP frameworks have you used? Would you try another one of the big frameworks, there are tons of smaller ones with less support and community.

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One Response to “Framework Envy”

  1. I assume this was me.

    A) I have gripes with everything, if you want to call them gripes.

    B) I’ve *tried* CI for a project. It was pretty basic, didn’t allow for out of the box doctrine/phpunit integration (doctrine requires php5, and parts of phpunit were choking on the php4 in CI). CI prides itself on retaining PHP4 compatibility – that’s not something I need, nor something I’d recommend. It’s 2010 – use PHP5, and use a framework that at least acknowledges some aspects of PHP5 like autoloading, simpleXML, etc).

    C) Kohana was a mess last I looked at it, and I suspect it will stay a mess. The project leadership at the time (based on reading IRC and forum posts) insists on ‘build it yourself’ and ‘make lots of changes often’ – this left the plugins I was looking at (5 different ones I was looking at) *all* in a state of flux (not indicating they worked with the current version). I don’t have time to dig that deep in to that sort of logistical mess – it only looked like it would be worse (plugin sprawl and aging is bad enough in Grails – it looked worse in Kohana with far less time on the market).

    So… there’s an element of “yeah, I already know a bit of ZF”, but there’s also an element of – they all tend to have a lot of weaknesses, and it’d be better to spend your time on something that at least has one foot firmly in PHP5 already. limonade, lithium and others look interesting, but are probably things I won’t spend too much time on in the near future, based on available time.