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CakePHP- First Impression

Recently I got an introduction to frameworks.  Although there a several hundred different types each offering a different set of features and abilities I focused on one the more popular PHP Frameworks.

Here is a list of PHP Frameworks.  The list is astonishing.  The most popular frameworks are CakePHP, Zend, and Code Igniter.

The people developing CakePHP have created a very through framework that allows easy database access.  CakePHP is uses a Ruby on Rails convention, of several folders that break apart the code for pages.  This can be extremely confusing for the beginner.  After working with the system you quickly understand the purpose.

In future posts I will explain CakePHP development further. CakePHP has a well developed base of people to help program with the framework.

Have I missed your favorite framework?


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2 Responses to “CakePHP- First Impression”

  1. Wil Sinclair says:

    You should really mention Symfony as another popular PHP project, too. In my experience (I’m the manager of the ZF project), it is on par with Zend and Cake popularity-wise. That said, I would not recommend picking a framework on popularity alone. CI may not be quite as popular, but it has plenty of momentum and is particularly good at some things. There are many other PHP frameworks that I wouldn’t say are as popular as these 4 that are also good choices for some developers/projects.

    Hope CakePHP treats you well!


  2. Bryan says:

    Although I agree popularity is not the biggest concern when picking a framework, I think it has a certain importance. For newcomers to a framework, lackluster documentation and support can turn grind any development to stand still.

    I picked CakePHP based on its popularity and features. When faced with so many choices, you have to find the characteristics that stick out.