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4 Ways to Reduce Bounce

Bounce rates are quickly becoming the metric people value the most.

What does “Bounce Rate” Measure?

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By logging into any analytics software like Google Analytics or Piwik, you will find a wealth of information. One such piece of information is the Bounce Rate. The Bounce Rate, measures how many people left your site after seeing one page.

As previously mentioned these tools provide tons of information, some which is more useful then others. One such statistic, “unique visitors” tells how many new visitors viewed your site during a certrain period time.  However, sites like Digg, StumbleUpon and others can bring large numbers of visitors, however those visitors will commonly view one page and immediatley leave.  This does not help your build a customer base,  create community or further your goal for creating the site.  Sites like these can negatively affect your bottom line.

What is a good bounce rate?

A bounce rate of 0% would be best, meaning everyone who visits your site viewed more then one page hopefully completing your sites “goal action”. However, not everyone who visits your site will contiune surfing your site.  Guidelines suggest the follwoing standards:

  • Under 30%  – Keep up the good work!
  • 30% – 50% – Needs work.
  • 50% + – Needs serious improvement.

Reducing site bounce rate

A few tips to help improve your site’s bounce rate, can go along way in improving your site’s chances of visitors going deeper.

Provide Relevant Content– The person visits your site but what are you going with their attention? Have other content they can visit to entice them to visit your site deeper.

Have Clear Navigation – A user does not want to visit your site if they can not figure out how it works.  Users are looking for navigation that can use quickly and easily without a lot of fuss or errors.

Test your site – Present your site to as many different users as possible.  Watch them visit your site, their actions will provide a wealth of knowledge about your site’s usability.  What appears to be straight forward to you, is not always so to your site’s visitor.

Establishing a hierarchy to your site helps direct users around your site.

Expose the next step – Highlight the action you want your users to follow.  If you want them to contact you, highlight or otherwise differentiate your contact link.  This acts like a magnet to pull the user to complete the action you want.

Are you monitoring your site’s bounce rate? What is it? What have you tried to improve it?

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