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So this is good bye?

Hello long time readers,

It has been a while since I have written anything, and I think a new direction is coming at least for the foreseeable future. For the time being, I am officially ending this blog. I plan to transition into a blog that’s more about relevant to my current goals and direction.

I’ll post more about it when its in a useable form.  In case you were waiting with abated breath, I am officially saying hold your breath no longer.


-Bryan aka Resnodesigns

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The Business of Working with Clients

I’ve looking at my techniques for managing and assisting clients.  I have recently found that letting clients come to me, simply isn’t a viable and pleasant method.

In one such case, I had a client that was a personal contact of mine.  I created her a site, much for getting […] Continue Reading…

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ESXI at home

At my residence I have started using ESXI, and it’s enabled me to learn a bit about it.

I built the server which currently houses the infrastructure. I am using basically a desktop computer, well powered AMD process, 8GB of ram, a single 250 GB hard drive to store VMs […] Continue Reading…

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Where have you been?

It has been a long time since I last posted here, and I was reminded by some recent reading that the purpose of this blog and others is to document projects, talk about tech stuff, generate interest if only on my one sided ideals.

That said, I’ve been doing some […] Continue Reading…

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WordPress 3.3

The folks of WordPress recently released another update, 3.3!

It seems it answers many questions that a community member would have.  For example, upon updating, you are greeted by a splash screen that tells gives you a change log of what things have changed.  These will not satisfy the developers […] Continue Reading…

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Github Project – Hairduct

I wanted to annouce a project I have recently started using the Codeingiter framework.  Codeigniter itself offers alot of features that I believe will help improve rapid development, including caching, database abstraction, and a few other things I’ll learn as time progresses.  The general purpose of this system is […] Continue Reading…

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Framework Envy

A friend and I were considering embarking on  a small quest to begin a start-up.  We had an idea that we both liked and saw a market for product.  I jokingly mentioned we should use one of my favorite PHP frameworks, CodeIgniter and he quickly said No.  I was […] Continue Reading…


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Starting a Project Underfire

Over the past few months, I have been looking noticing some trends and thinking about what the next web service could be.  I had a few ideas including merging all the social media sites with one website which would aggregate everything you want into one easy to use and maintain site. […] Continue Reading…

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Web freelancer conference

indieconf – the conference for independent web professionals – is now open for registation.

What is indieconf? It’s a conference that brings together the topics that affect freelance web people with experts who’ve been there and done that.  I’ve attended a number of tech/web conferences over the past […] Continue Reading…

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Setting up a Virtual Machine on Ubuntu without KVM

I recently took a foray into the world of virtual machines on my Ubuntu server.  I decided that since I could not use the well known KVM (my cpu does not have the proper extensions) I could use virtualbox.  After installing it, I next learned how to mange the […] Continue Reading…

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