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What is social bookmarking?

Many of you maybe wondering what those icons below each post are. Well, they are using “social bookmarking”. I found this video created by commoncraft show, which clearly explains how they work, using an example from one of the popular bookmarking websites. These techniques can help to increase the visibility of your website and gain your returns and thats the purpose of your website, right?

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What is a splash page?

Splash pages are used to welcome people to a site. They are generally flashy animations. After the animation is completed, you are allowed to enter the site and see the content you really wanted. Generally, they showcase something pertaining to the site you are about to enter.

Do you really want annoying things on your page?

Although, they hurt your chances of having all your pages listed in search engines.

Search engines do not understand what a splash page is and will abandon trying search for more pages. Search engines only see one big image, or flash animation. Search engines love text, because that is all they can see.

Everyday I find more sites that are using splash screens. Why do web designers insist on creating extra steps for their customers.

In short, stay away from splash pages. They waste everyone’s time. And do not help your site.

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I need a website, now what?

Can your business afford to be not be on the internet?

That is the single biggest question a business owner must make. Everyone has a website in this day and age. The most unlikely businesses are getting websites, because the potential is limitless for company growth.

Once, you have decided you need representation on the internet there a few other things to consider.

  1. What do you want your site to do?
    1. Online store?
    2. Source of information?
  2. Will you design your website, or hire someone to do?
    1. If you hire someone:
      1. What is your budget?
      2. Are their designs attractive and how can help you?
      3. Do they know how to market your site?
    2. If you design it:
      1. Are you confident in web design practices or will you use a program?
      2. Will you market your website?
        1. How?
        2. Frontpage creates websites that are unappealing in design and navigation. How will you make a professional site?

Next, you begin to answer these questions.

Building a website can be one of the most important things you do for your business. If you do not put the time and energy required to promote it, you risk getting less than what you planned for.

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