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Does Unlimited / Unmetered Hosting Exist?

Recently, web hosts have been touting unlimited, un-metered hosting. At first, this sounds like an ideal situation but it’s neither sustainable or a good business move.

Machines have limits, a factory can only produce some many items in a day, barbers or stylists can only complete a few clients’ daily requests. Would it be wise for a stylist to claim it can complete 100 clients in a day? No, everything has a limit, and all good things must come to an end.

The same remains true for the computers which host websites. They have restraints including bandwidth, processing power and hard drive space. Hard drive companies recently introduced 1 terabyte hard drives, which offer unprecedented amounts of space. Yet, through all the technology innovations the “unlimited” hard drive has yet to be created.

The companies that offer these services generally offer them at “to good to be true” prices. These companies hope that bargain buy customers will bite at the wonderful deal, only to find out later the servers can not handle all the requests. Once, the computers are pushed to and beyond their limits they begin to break down.

How would you feel if every time you visited your favorite store, you found it closed? Or your stylist was booked solid everyday? You would be forced to book your services weeks in advance or change to another business. When your web host becomes to busy site reliability falls, information starts getting lost and your visitors stop visiting.

When can I use unlimited/un-metered hosting?

The perfect situation to use unlimited hosting is for a small website which uses a small amount of resources. The best websites include sites that do not include videos, music, (most unlimited hosts limit media files) although this defeats the purpose of having unlimited hosting. You want to make sure your website will remain live even when others are eating up the host resources.

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I need a website, now what?

Can your business afford to be not be on the internet?

That is the single biggest question a business owner must make. Everyone has a website in this day and age. The most unlikely businesses are getting websites, because the potential is limitless for company growth.

Once, you have decided you need representation on the internet there a few other things to consider.

  1. What do you want your site to do?
    1. Online store?
    2. Source of information?
  2. Will you design your website, or hire someone to do?
    1. If you hire someone:
      1. What is your budget?
      2. Are their designs attractive and how can help you?
      3. Do they know how to market your site?
    2. If you design it:
      1. Are you confident in web design practices or will you use a program?
      2. Will you market your website?
        1. How?
        2. Frontpage creates websites that are unappealing in design and navigation. How will you make a professional site?

Next, you begin to answer these questions.

Building a website can be one of the most important things you do for your business. If you do not put the time and energy required to promote it, you risk getting less than what you planned for.

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What are PHP and

Recently, I have been having alot of questions about what PHP and are and how do they help on a site.

What are PHP and Why do I care?

1. What are PHP and

1. Well, when you want to use a shopping cart, forum, or anything outside of a static website it requires the server to do something. For example, this blog is written in PHP, because I can add blogs and I do not have to edit the html code.

2. What’s the difference between PHP and

1. PHP generally is used by people like us, who design and build websites.

2. is generally used by big corporations. They like because it is backed and supported by Windows.

3. Now, why do you care?

1. Does your business want to sell products online?

2. Do you want a forum or other social networking system? (Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, etc.)

3. These types of sites require the server to handle parts of your site because html can not do it alone.



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