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Developers vs Graphic Designers

With some many webdevelopers/ designers/ graphics people all making websites how is a company or anyone for that matter to find someone to make their site?

1. Assuming a WYSIWYG editor can create a great website
Using a program to code your site will only result in jarbled code that no person or search engine, for that matter can understand.  I have times where I was hired to move a website created with such a tool, into a application and it was easier to copy paste, and recode links, etc.

2. Slicing an image in Photoshop and exporting it as an html is “good enough”.
Photoshop does not know that using CSS you can repeat an image several thousand times, which reduces the time a downloading a site takes.  In most cases, graphic designers do not have the knowledge to make optimization choices that can improve a sites speed.

3. A certain software package will make me better.
I have heard this one at to often, people believe that if they use a high end software package they can make sites that are wonderful..

4. Tabled layouts are fine to use for site layout.
Although tables have their time and place, DATA ONLY. Designers believe that using them is the best way to code a site.

Are you a developer or a graphic designer and how do you like dealing with the otherside of the web?


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    101 Uses for Twitter

    This is a post I got from Digital Capitalism and have posted it here according to the rules of the original poster.

    The rules for this post are the following:

    1. Please post this on your blog in its entirety
    2. Bold or underline your uses for Twitter
    3. Add the tag twitter101 to the post
    4. Make sure you link back to both of the originating posts: Kipp’s and Jeff’s
    5. Add a comment to this post if you like
    6. Tweet your post with the hashtag #twitter101

    101 Uses for Twitter

    1. Answer the Question “What are you doing?”
    2. Tell Your Friends Your Going To Jail
    3. Alert Your Family That your Plane Has Crash Landed in The Husdon
    4. Explain To The World What You’re Eating
    5. Announce You’re Currently Peeing
    6. Your Chair Can Tell The World You’re Farting
    7. Plants Can Tweet You For More Water
    8. Say Something That Gets You Fired
    9. Gather A Group Of Friends For Drinks
    10. Say Something That Gets A Job Offer Pulled
    11. Say Something That Angers a Client
    12. Complain about a Product or Service
    13. Ask for Free Stuff
    14. Obsess about Bacon
    15. Tweet for Your Dog or Cat
    16. Showcase an Endless Array of Self-Portraits
    17. Meet People at a Concert
    18. Share News
    19. Report from a Natural Disaster
    20. Pimp Your Blog Links
    21. Pimp Your Mom
    22. Ask for 1,000,000 Followers
    23. Announce the Song You are Listening To
    24. Tell People How Awesome Your Macbook Is
    25. Wonder How This Twitter Thing Works
    26. Gratuitous Cursing
    27. Comment That You Are Sitting At Your Desk
    28. Make Fun of People Who Use PCs
    29. Complain about How Facebook is Ripping Off Twitter
    30. Wondering if Anyone Uses MySpace Anymore
    31. Ask Someone to Marry You
    32. Report on Your Blind Date
    33. Tell Everyone What You Thought About the Latest Blockbuster Movie
    34. Spoil The Ending of a TV Show
    35. Thank Someone for Great Customer Service
    36. Complain About Bad Customer Service
    37. Bemoan The Fact That Traditional Media Doesn’t Get It
    38. Share Speaker’s Quotes from Conference
    39. Make Fun of People Who Are Not at SXSW
    40. Revel That You are Not at SXSW
    41. Tell People How Wasted You Are
    42. Talk about the Weather
    43. Share Heartwarming Stories About Your Kids
    44. Link to Photos of Your Vacation
    45. Use a Location-Based Service to Tell Everyone about Your Latte, including a photo and a map
    46. Post Cute Pictures of Your Pets
    47. Meet Members of Your Local Community
    48. Sell Stuff
    49. Buy Stuff
    50. Promote Events
    51. Crowdsource Ideas for Things You Get Paid to Know
    52. Hire A Freelancer
    53. Report on Terrorist Activity
    54. Name Drop People You’ve Only Met Online
    55. Name Drop People You Are Having Lunch With
    56. Send A Message To The President
    57. Talk About Which Twitter Desktop App You’re Using
    58. Talk About Snuggies
    59. Use Stupid Shorthand such as: nom nom, lol, FTW, WTF, etc…
    60. Try to Make Others Jealous of How Awesome your City is
    61. Pimp The Latest Sci-Fi Trailer
    62. Tracking Trends
    63. Announce Your Plane has Landed: Wheels Down
    64. Review Movies
    65. Tell A Story
    66. Make a Public Apology
    67. Admit You Did Something Stupid
    68. Ask for Computer Help
    69. Complain about Battery Life
    70. Pitch Your Startup to Scoble and Techcrunch
    71. Make New Friends
    72. Exclaim the Guy/Girl Across the Room is Hot!
    73. Argue Politics
    74. Wish Twitterville Good Morning
    75. Tell your Followers to Have a Good Day
    76. Tell the Twitterverse Goodnight
    77. Share Quotes
    78. Express Your Belief in a Higher Power
    79. Avoid Sending E-mail
    80. Learn
    81. Listen
    82. Ask for Help
    83. Raise Money for a Charity
    84. Share Stats of Social Media’s Growth
    85. Auto-Pimp your New Twitter App
    86. Auto-DM Welcome New Followers
    87. Get a Date
    88. Ask for Travel Recommendations
    89. Share What You’re Reading Offline
    90. Provide Traffic Updates
    91. Talks Sports and Update Scores
    92. Share Recipes
    93. Tell Someone You’re Running Late
    94. Find and Share Funny Videos
    95. Talk to Your Boss
    96. Train Surgeons
    97. Make Yourself Look Smart
    98. Change the World
    99. Bash Microsoft
    100. Express your Undying Love for Twitter
    101. Retweet

    So after a quick count it seems I have done 24 of the #Twitter101. How many have you done?

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    Hip-hop notices the importance of Google

    Up and coming artist Teyana Taylor has broken on to the scene with a new single entitled “Google Me”. Teyana Taylor has recieved more interest simply because her song is about the search engine giant.

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