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Tech Misfits Podcast

Some friends and I recently started our own tech podcast. We are going to be talking about everything having to do with technology, from phones, to latest gear to suggestions you give us!

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Ministry Theme

We just released Ministry Themes, a spectacular premium theme for Ministries.  This theme is uses WordPress to allow anyone to edit and update content on your site, as long as they have the permissions.  With the addition of the support for WordPress 2.7, the v 1.1, is boasting improved speed and refined code fixes.
Ministry Theme Image
Looking forward to future development we will be adding support for back-end configurable portions.  This will allow updates to the sidebar to be done from the admin system and not a separate editor.  Plus in version 1.2 we are excited about introducing a few new features and abilities.

We also opened up a support forum, where everyone can get help, report bugs, catch up on fixes and download updates as they become available.

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Site Updates and Changes

Ruff Riders
Creative Commons License photo credit: John Carleton

As you may have noticed, or might not.  I am making some improvements to my blog, layout, and some other top secret things.

I created a all new uber awesome layout that will be pure awesomeness. I know what your thinking, how can anything be so great right? Well just stay tuned and get prepared.

Resnodesigns will never look the same!

More updates to come.

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Hip-hop notices the importance of Google

Up and coming artist Teyana Taylor has broken on to the scene with a new single entitled “Google Me”. Teyana Taylor has recieved more interest simply because her song is about the search engine giant.

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Internet Explorer 8 beta1

I found information concerning Microsoft’s new browser, Internet Explorer 8.

As a web developer, we have a lot of problems making websites look the same everywhere. Currently, their are several different browsers companies, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, etc. Internet Explorer is often the most difficult to configure correct issues with. With the introduction of version 8 some these issues have been corrected, allowing sites design to become easier.

Microsoft emailed select individuals to beta test is software.

Microsofts new focus- Developers

Apparently, Microsoft has heard us and will adjust it practices to make us happier. Apparently, they are focusing on developers now, this approach is an appeasement for all the years of Microsoft doing what it wanted. So, now sites will look the same to people all across the world.

Standards Mode?

Internet Explorer (IE) is building in a new function called Standards Mode, where if you are finding a particular section is not working according to the standard, you can force IE to to make it comply. Although, all the details are still foggy, time will explain all the details.

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