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Seven Jobs I Might Have

Steven at TheVanBlog informed I was tagged in a meme.  So, I thought I would think about careers that interested many years ago.

There has never been a time when I thought computers were not in my future. My father had an IBM PC jr, one of the first computers to enter the market for home use.  It did not have a mouse, operating system or any basic functionality we have come to expect now-a-days.  The picture below is not an IBM, its an Apple.

Creative Commons License photo credit: [niv]

But in another life, seven jobs I would consider:

  1. Car Designer
  2. Biologist
  3. Music Artist/ Song Writer
  4. Inventor
  5. Teacher
  6. Lawyer
  7. Chemist

1. Car Designer

2008 Camaro SS concept rendering
Creative Commons License photo credit: atomicshark

For as long as I can remeber I have been fascinated by concept cars. The sleek designs, perfect paint and designs that broke everyday conventions on what a vehicle was.

During primary school I drew cars I believing they would become America’s next best selling models.  I created model names and invented my own brand to sell them on. I  enjoyed taking the established convention and “pushing the envelope” then examining the end result.

2. Biologist

The processes which sustained life and maintained our environment has always been an interesting subject for me.  The process of photosynthesis, which allows plants to take sunlight, carbon dioxide and water, and created life was one that intrigued me. However, once I attended biology during college, I quickly learned my happy picture was full a more complex system.

3. Music Artist/ Song writer

Insightful music artists have a clever way of conveying their message. For a few years, I recorded music using a simple music program, and my laptop putting together multiple sound clips creating a song I believed millions would know and love.  I later learned, I hardly knew the fundamentals of music composition and my singing voice was not so nice.

4. Inventor

LED POV Helmet
Creative Commons License photo credit: Clint M Chilcott

Although not a job per say, I created solutions to problems I created.  I believed windshield wiper glasses would be a great solution to wiping my glasses when it rained.  I hated walking outside when it rained, because the rain would accumulate on my glasses. I created windshield wiper glasses, you turn them on and they take care drying them for you.  That idea never took off.

5. Teacher

For many years, I heard I would make a good teacher.  I have always enjoyed sharing my knowledge with people who are less knowledgeable or more knowledgeable.  I personally enjoy teaching one on one, where I can help one person’s understanding of something.  I believe my explanations of seemingly complex ideas is quite good as well.

6. Lawyer

I have always enjoyed having debates, whether for or against a topic.  Becoming a lawyer was an extension of that skill.  Although the legal system is very formalized and uses an exacting process. When I was younger, my parents had a sort of court system.  If we felt wronged, we brought it before the court and this got me to explain the circumstances that created the situation we faced.

7. Chemist

Glass bottles
Creative Commons License photo credit: golbog

Combining two elements and examining their reaction was fascinating.  Categorizing an element based on a set of characteristics with how it interacts with its environment and each other is interesting.  Chemists in one way or another have created many of advances that surround us today.

That completes my list of 7 jobs that I could have taken if the starts changed, and time was rewound.

What jobs have you considered if you couldnt keep where you are?

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Firefox Search Problems – Rootkit? Trojan? Virus?

BSODRecently, my computer has come down with a very nasty bug.  When I try to use Google or Yahoo search, I get the correct results but the link takes me to another site.

For instance, I search for “widgets”, my search returns several links for widgets like normal. But instead of the link taking me to widgets.com, it sends me to antivirus.com or something similar.

Attempts to Removal

I have tried all the programs I know to try:

  • SpyBot Search and Destroy
  • Ad-Aware 2008
  • Spyware Terminator

Spyware Terminator actually finds it, but once I “delete it”, I can search and find it again.  I have already considered reformating my hard drive, (my machine is not a peppy at once was, and has wasted harddrive space  from past programs) and moving to Linux.

Advice of Others

I visited Firefox’s, IRC line, and was told to try two tools, and if they could not resolve my issue, to reformat.

Do you have any ideas? Or have any stories of you own?

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