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Tracking Your Site’s Users

Web usability testing by
I have recently started using userfly, a great tool for measuring your site’s usability.  Uusefly, actually allows your to playback a video of a user navigating your website.  If the user clicks anywhere on a page, you see an indication as such.

Is userfly useful?

The benefit of userfly, is you can see where users get stuck, or expect a certain reaction and this can help you make improvements to your site’s layout.  They currently have a demo which allows 10 viewing with time limit on each.  Plans start at $10, which is pretty affordable, however, there are some glitches in the software, which are being worked on.

What tools are you using on your site to view vistors? Clickheat?

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Update WordPress Templates

Recently, we decided to make some upgrades to our current theme.  As the process progress, I have found lots of wonderful online resources to aid in theme creation.  One particular help was:

Blank Theme

This next theme, is very helpful, it actually comes configured with several different column styles and configurations.  It allows a user to adjust the css file: @import url(‘sandbox-layouts/3c-b.css’); By modifying this line with other css files found in the sandbox-layouts, folder a designer can easily manipulate its layout.

Second Blank Theme, which allows easy switching column styles and numbers

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Professional vs Amateur Websites

Everyone now-a-days has or is getting a website. Websites are quickly becoming the standard for businesses of any size.

You decided you want a website, should you make it yourself or hire a professional?

Amateur sites- sample

Amateurs also rely heavily on WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) programs. They generally use Frontpage and allow the program to create all the stuff that site runs from. Frontpage uses outdated features. Such as
Hi There!
Today, most websites stay away from using them. They instead use flash or other things that look more appealing. Next to the heading is a link to the world’s worst website.

Professional Sites

Professional like this one, are hand coded which ensures they are easy to update and met current webdesign standards.

A professional can create a logo and color scheme that matches your target audience. Using the wrong colors on a website can hurt you company image and reduce the amount of potential customers.

Have you seen any amateur sites? Put them in the comments!

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What is a splash page?

Splash pages are used to welcome people to a site. They are generally flashy animations. After the animation is completed, you are allowed to enter the site and see the content you really wanted. Generally, they showcase something pertaining to the site you are about to enter.

Do you really want annoying things on your page?

Although, they hurt your chances of having all your pages listed in search engines.

Search engines do not understand what a splash page is and will abandon trying search for more pages. Search engines only see one big image, or flash animation. Search engines love text, because that is all they can see.

Everyday I find more sites that are using splash screens. Why do web designers insist on creating extra steps for their customers.

In short, stay away from splash pages. They waste everyone’s time. And do not help your site.

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