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So this is good bye?

Hello long time readers,

It has been a while since I have written anything, and I think a new direction is coming at least for the foreseeable future. For the time being, I am officially ending this blog. I plan to transition into a blog that’s more about relevant to my current goals and direction.

I’ll post more about it when its in a useable form.  In case you were waiting with abated breath, I am officially saying hold your breath no longer.


-Bryan aka Resnodesigns

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The Business of Working with Clients

I’ve looking at my techniques for managing and assisting clients.  I have recently found that letting clients come to me, simply isn’t a viable and pleasant method.

In one such case, I had a client that was a personal contact of mine.  I created her a site, much for getting the business to the next stage.  As time went on, we made improvements and the like.  After I completed the project I lost touch with the client, and the site continued as it was.

Well, a short time ago, the client contacted me again expressing displeasure with the state of things.  I was completely blindsided, and furthermore the client had already found a new team to assist her and was progressing on a new site.  A few short weeks later, I was down one of my clients.

This effectively showed me, clients need checking up on.  I missed an opportunity to find out what this client wanted and capitalize on it, thereby improving their business.

I contacted a full time freelancer friend of mine and asked a few questions about what methods they’ve used.  The first suggestion was at holidays send letters of appreciation and the like.  Lastly, on some sort of schedule write them and see how things are going.

Essentially migrating from my reactive state to being proactive.

Restaurants do it, managers proactively go around and ask, “How’s your meal?”.  It’s a simple move and yet, they can catch anything before clients get angry and never return.

My questions going forward:

How do you handle the relationship of clients?  Regular contacting, letters, emails, flowers?

When is too much or when are you not doing enough?

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ESXI at home

At my residence I have started using ESXI, and it’s enabled me to learn a bit about it.

I built the server which currently houses the infrastructure. I am using basically a desktop computer, well powered AMD process, 8GB of ram, a single 250 GB hard drive to store VMs on. Astute individuals can already see some issues in my system.

Firstly, running multiple VMs, in my case 4-5 on one hard drive creates a large bottle neck.  Specifically IO, and I’ve had my share of hard times with it, especially under heavy load situations.   The idea in avoiding getting something well-suited like a raid card is to avoid the additional cost of a proper raid setup.  My idea has been to use a NAS OS, particularly something like FreeNas, which a ZFS based software raid system.  Although with it, can come increased ram usage, which you can see is low as is. ZFS supports snap-shooting, allowing me to “image” the array under it’s current setup and return at a moments notice.

My only apprehension with ZFS for general use is, it’s inability to expand.  That is to say, to expand the array you must erase the array and start over.  I’ve long needed make the adjustment but along with it, comes the requirement to reposition everything and the downtime I forsee being needed is longer then I can allow right now.  The other side is, what happens if that single drive fails? Many would say, you’d be stuck if it failed.  And I would say, you’re right.

Have you been using ESXI? Or one of its competitors like XEN? What’s your experience with it?

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Where have you been?

It has been a long time since I last posted here, and I was reminded by some recent reading that the purpose of this blog and others is to document projects, talk about tech stuff, generate interest if only on my one sided ideals.

That said, I’ve been doing some interesting stuff with (vMware, Vmware, VMware) Esxi, and I’ll be talking about the ups and downs I experienced. This is all for now.

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Github Project – Hairduct


I wanted to annouce a project I have recently started using the Codeingiter framework.  Codeigniter itself offers alot of features that I believe will help improve rapid development, including caching, database abstraction, and a few other things I’ll learn as time progresses.  The general purpose of this system is to be a API aggregator, my goal is to display multiple social media sites, emails from gmail, etc all on one page.

Choices Ive Made

At this moment, I plan on using sqlite.  Many have asked why I choose this database.  This system will not be heavy database driven and I envision creating a system that most users can easily install without an overly complicated setup procedure.  Using a full database solution would limit the users who can readily use the system.

If you care to follow along, want to poke fun at my code or want to join in, you can do so here: http://github.com/resnostyle/Hair-Duct.  I already own the hairduct.com domain, so dont try taking it.

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Framework Envy

A friend and I were considering embarking on  a small quest to begin a start-up.  We had an idea that we both liked and saw a market for product.  I jokingly mentioned we should use one of my favorite PHP frameworks, CodeIgniter and he quickly said No.  I was taken aback by the response and asked why the flat No.  I learned it amounted to he was comfortable with the faults of his framework, that being Zend and didnt want to branch out.

Im sure he had other issues with my framework of choice, but it made me wonder.  He generally comes off as a person who will try something new out and give it a spin, but he was geninuely against using Codeigniter.  Maybe its not the “enterprise solution” he uses. Im further curious because he has grips with having to append every function with Zend, and the lack of documentation.  Codeigniter on the other hand has very well documented functions and the naming convention is much improved when compared to Zend.

Im curious what PHP frameworks have you used? Would you try another one of the big frameworks, there are tons of smaller ones with less support and community.


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Starting a Project Underfire

Over the past few months, I have been looking noticing some trends and thinking about what the next web service could be.  I had a few ideas including merging all the social media sites with one website which would aggregate everything you want into one easy to use and maintain site.  This site would remove the need for logging into 15 social media websites to keep up with friends and family.  After considering the work required and possibility of a revenue stream, I considered other alternatives.

I decided to enlist the help of one of my good friends.  Hes a contractor and has tons of experience with creating projects from the ground up, hes worked with various startups and seems to be a generally knowledgeable person who will share his knowledge.

Over a few days, I sent him various concepts I thought of from where ever I come across them.  After we nailed down a few concepts, he showed me some competing websites and mentioned some of their strengths and weakness and what services I could offer to differentiate myself.

I find it surprisingly easy to talk myself out of a project, more then talk myself into it.  Even now, I can not decide which project of the few, has the most possibilities.

Have you ever had an idea you thought could change your community or possible the world? Did you push forward with your concept even when you faced established competition?

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