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WordPress 3.3

The folks of WordPress recently released another update, 3.3!

It seems it answers many questions that a community member would have.  For example, upon updating, you are greeted by a splash screen that tells gives you a change log of what things have changed.  These will not satisfy the developers out there, but they will satisfy the everyday user, if they even really care about that information.

Furthermore, WordPress also has implemented a new tooltip thing for new features.  I imagine users were getting lost in all the admin changes and rewrites and WordPress figured it would advantageous to guide the user through the new changes.

It makes me wonder why companies decide to make seemingly sweeping changes to their UI, without guiding their users through it.  The end user is the most important part of this whole thing, and just dumping a new UI on them is not usually an optimal situation.


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Custom WordPress Sidebar

In order to customize your WordPress sidebar or other pieces of your site, you will need basic html and PHP knowledge. These few tips will help customize or change your theme to make it fit what you want. There are two methods I will mention in this post.

Sorting it out
Creative Commons License photo credit: Andy Ciordia

  • One File Method
    • This method places more code on a particular page.
  • Two File Method
    • Instead of using code built into the page, you attach to a page located elsewhere

Each method works just as well as each other and it depends on how you want to work it.

One File Method

After opening up your sidebar.php page, you will see alot of different things going on. By adding the below code and moving what the text around you can make the code act differently. For instance, when I go to my frontpage(homepage), it will display “Displayed on Front Page only”. When I navigate to any other page, “Displayed on other pages” shows.

<?php if (is_front_page()) { ?>
             Displayed on Front Page only
<?php } else { ?>
             Displayed on other pages
<?php } ?>

WordPress Codex

The WordPress Codex has other available tags: for example is_admin(), will check for the user to be logged in and can display certain information.

Two File Method

The two file method will be introduced in my next post. As its a little more intensive and requires other modifications for it to work.


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