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What are PHP and

Recently, I have been having alot of questions about what PHP and are and how do they help on a site.

What are PHP and Why do I care?

1. What are PHP and

1. Well, when you want to use a shopping cart, forum, or anything outside of a static website it requires the server to do something. For example, this blog is written in PHP, because I can add blogs and I do not have to edit the html code.

2. What’s the difference between PHP and

1. PHP generally is used by people like us, who design and build websites.

2. is generally used by big corporations. They like because it is backed and supported by Windows.

3. Now, why do you care?

1. Does your business want to sell products online?

2. Do you want a forum or other social networking system? (Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, etc.)

3. These types of sites require the server to handle parts of your site because html can not do it alone.



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