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You’re Too Slow to View This Site

Speed Limit 5
Creative Commons License photo credit: iirraa

With increasing numbers of people moving to highspeed connections is it safe to assume everyone has the fast connection speeds? I believe, NO. 25% of Americans still use dial-up to access the internet, creating a site that the 25% can not access would cut those visitors from ever being visitors or customers.

While searching for a tool to simulate how 56kers see the web, I found two options.

Linux fans: Trickle

Windows fans: Speed Limiter 1.0

Mac fans: ??

These two programs operate very nicely.  Each gives an option to modify the connection speed to a speed of your choosing. Currently, I am using Trickle, it allows choose of what to slow dow between a specific program of your choosing, ie Firefox or everything that requires an internet connection.

Improving Site Speed

You installed the software and found your site is slow, now what? It’s time to optimize!

By changing your code around you can increse your site’s speed by a few fold.

  • Seperate HTML from other code
    • Use CSS Includes
    • Use Javascript includes
  • Minimize use of heavy images
    • Use images to create pop, not create the site

Have you visited any sites that where slow even for broadband connections?


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