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Framework Envy

A friend and I were considering embarking on  a small quest to begin a start-up.  We had an idea that we both liked and saw a market for product.  I jokingly mentioned we should use one of my favorite PHP frameworks, CodeIgniter and he quickly said No.  I was taken aback by the response and asked why the flat No.  I learned it amounted to he was comfortable with the faults of his framework, that being Zend and didnt want to branch out.

Im sure he had other issues with my framework of choice, but it made me wonder.  He generally comes off as a person who will try something new out and give it a spin, but he was geninuely against using Codeigniter.  Maybe its not the “enterprise solution” he uses. Im further curious because he has grips with having to append every function with Zend, and the lack of documentation.  Codeigniter on the other hand has very well documented functions and the naming convention is much improved when compared to Zend.

Im curious what PHP frameworks have you used? Would you try another one of the big frameworks, there are tons of smaller ones with less support and community.


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Quick Post: Django vs Grails

Coming from the Django world, I can already see big similarities.  They both provide database abstraction for example, they allow the developer to essentially create a database and minimize the amount of SQL code needed.  From what I can tell, the two are very similar, and this does excite me.  Also makes me feel at home with Grails.

My temptation however is to compare these frameworks back to PHP, which is a largely unfair comparison.  Therefore, I will leave that discussion for another day.

After downloading Grails, my first impression was installation should be the easiest part of imparting on new framework, with Django, it requires issuing setup and Django takes it away configuring and installing the necessary items.  However, Grails requires a bit more manipulation to get it going.  I found a good resource and should be on my way.  More details as I get further into Grails.

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CakePHP- First Impression

Recently I got an introduction to frameworks.  Although there a several hundred different types each offering a different set of features and abilities I focused on one the more popular PHP Frameworks.

Here is a list of PHP Frameworks.  The list is astonishing.  The most popular frameworks are CakePHP, Zend, and Code Igniter.

The people developing CakePHP have created a very through framework that allows easy database access.  CakePHP is uses a Ruby on Rails convention, of several folders that break apart the code for pages.  This can be extremely confusing for the beginner.  After working with the system you quickly understand the purpose.

In future posts I will explain CakePHP development further. CakePHP has a well developed base of people to help program with the framework.

Have I missed your favorite framework?

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