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Free Webdevelopment Tools

When starting webdevelopment, several tools can aid in your work.  Some developers enjoy using the standard while others require a little more assistance with coding.  The tools come in two variations, the WYSIWYG variety and the straight forward text.

WYSIWYG – What you see is what you get

These generally are for entry-level people to create a website that meets their needs.  The software takes care of all the background coding while advanced web designers, hand code everything.  This allows higher quality, cleaner code, which allows higher grades of customization improves SEO (search engine optimization).  This improves your sites overall position on search engines like Google, Yahoo and others.



Notepad++ is not a WYSIWYG editor, so this is for users who know how to program code. Nice program which has an easy way to add additional scripts


Eclipse may require a little fine tuning to get PHP scripting to work.  In Linux Eclipse is a breeze and runs smoothly, although in Windows it appears to hog system resources and bring everything else to halt.


Intype appears to still be in beta, but shows promise a program that supports both Linux and Windows.

This concludes our list of free editors, do you have any you use?


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