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Quick Post: Django vs Grails

Coming from the Django world, I can already see big similarities.  They both provide database abstraction for example, they allow the developer to essentially create a database and minimize the amount of SQL code needed.  From what I can tell, the two are very similar, and this does excite me.  Also makes me feel at home with Grails.

My temptation however is to compare these frameworks back to PHP, which is a largely unfair comparison.  Therefore, I will leave that discussion for another day.

After downloading Grails, my first impression was installation should be the easiest part of imparting on new framework, with Django, it requires issuing setup and Django takes it away configuring and installing the necessary items.  However, Grails requires a bit more manipulation to get it going.  I found a good resource and should be on my way.  More details as I get further into Grails.


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What is a splash page?

Splash pages are used to welcome people to a site. They are generally flashy animations. After the animation is completed, you are allowed to enter the site and see the content you really wanted. Generally, they showcase something pertaining to the site you are about to enter.

Do you really want annoying things on your page?

Although, they hurt your chances of having all your pages listed in search engines.

Search engines do not understand what a splash page is and will abandon trying search for more pages. Search engines only see one big image, or flash animation. Search engines love text, because that is all they can see.

Everyday I find more sites that are using splash screens. Why do web designers insist on creating extra steps for their customers.

In short, stay away from splash pages. They waste everyone’s time. And do not help your site.

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