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How do I get new visitors?

There are several ways to drive traffic to your site. The newest and most popular technique is using a blog.

A blog implemented blog can drive visitors to your website. For instance, my blog brought you here, hopefully you joined the RSS feed avaliable. The RSS feed informs you of the next post I make. RSS feeds are a relatviely new concept in internet marketing.

RSS Feeds

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, which allows people to create dynamic links to a blog or other news source. For instance, when I submit this post your RSS reader would updated to include information about this post. Its like a news bulletin and that can be useful in bringing visitors to your website.

Blogging Software

Currently there are hundreds of different blogging applications avaliable on the market, most are free.

This blog uses WordPress, which is one of the most popular blogging softwares to date. Google, is full of different blogging softwares, each one has its pros and cons. Select the one the that fits your needs.

Post on related forums

The last method for generating a traffic for your site is posting on related forums. Find a few forums that are related to your topic and talk about your knowledge. People who see your posts, will follow them to your sites.

Word of mouth has always been a very effective way to drive traffic. When people talk about your business or website, you can reap the benefit of continued visitors.

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Search Engine Optimization – (SEO)

Now-a-days the new buzz is search engine optimization. It seems almost over night people are concerned with placing their websites on Google and other search engines, as a way of generating attention.

  1. What is search engine optimization?
    1. Creating a website that can be read and understood by search engines.
  2. How can I optimize my website?
    1. Optimizing can be done by several methods, some which can result in being blacklisted by a search engine.
    2. Several things a website can incorporate to increase its search engine friendliness are to include a title on each page. First, title the according to the subject being covered, and then include keywords that pertain to the content being covered.
      1. For Example: On my Portfolio page. I made sure to include keywords including portfolio, PHP, web designing and other “hooks” that users may search when looking for help.
    3. Meta and description tags are very important to creating a search engine friendly site.
    4. Sitemaps are also important for search engines.
      1. Sitemaps are xml files, which outline the page structure of your site. It makes it easier for google to find all your pages. A good sitemap created is located here.

Well, that is a crash course in Search Engine Optimization.



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