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Hubspot- Website Grader

First Youtube Video

Today, I thought would try something a little different. Introducing my video in a series introducing websites to help with internet marketing. The first one is Hubspot, a company that created a system that rates a website’s rank, and marketing effectiveness.

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Does a small business need a website?

Everyone is getting a website. Families, are bringing their photo galleries online to show to their families.

Websites like Facebook and Myspace has become the center of attention. Simply posting your website on the net will not guarantee your returns, its the first step to building your business.

When people began researching a business they follow a very easy hierarchy of tasks.

  1. Google It!

    The most common way to research a company is to simply Google it. If your company is not visble by searching on the internet, you have already lost 50% of your audience.

  2. Ask friends and family

    Word of mouth has become more important because people trust the experince of others. If you have a wonderful experince, you will tell others and those people will inturn return to that experince. Using proper controls for your business will help control customer disatifaction and create a long lasting positeve image for your business.

  3. Yellow Pages

    As the internet gains steam and becomes more important, the yellow pages and other static soucres are becoming less used. The problem with the Yellow Pages is, information on it can become outdated.

    For example, technology is ever-changing, how often do you get a magazine which presents old and outdated information. You knowingly perceieve this information as relevant and up-to date. Resulting in you being 1 step behind everyone else.

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Professional vs Amateur Websites

Everyone now-a-days has or is getting a website. Websites are quickly becoming the standard for businesses of any size.

You decided you want a website, should you make it yourself or hire a professional?

Amateur sites- sample

Amateurs also rely heavily on WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) programs. They generally use Frontpage and allow the program to create all the stuff that site runs from. Frontpage uses outdated features. Such as
Hi There!
Today, most websites stay away from using them. They instead use flash or other things that look more appealing. Next to the heading is a link to the world’s worst website.

Professional Sites

Professional like this one, are hand coded which ensures they are easy to update and met current webdesign standards.

A professional can create a logo and color scheme that matches your target audience. Using the wrong colors on a website can hurt you company image and reduce the amount of potential customers.

Have you seen any amateur sites? Put them in the comments!

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I need a website, now what?

Can your business afford to be not be on the internet?

That is the single biggest question a business owner must make. Everyone has a website in this day and age. The most unlikely businesses are getting websites, because the potential is limitless for company growth.

Once, you have decided you need representation on the internet there a few other things to consider.

  1. What do you want your site to do?
    1. Online store?
    2. Source of information?
  2. Will you design your website, or hire someone to do?
    1. If you hire someone:
      1. What is your budget?
      2. Are their designs attractive and how can help you?
      3. Do they know how to market your site?
    2. If you design it:
      1. Are you confident in web design practices or will you use a program?
      2. Will you market your website?
        1. How?
        2. Frontpage creates websites that are unappealing in design and navigation. How will you make a professional site?

Next, you begin to answer these questions.

Building a website can be one of the most important things you do for your business. If you do not put the time and energy required to promote it, you risk getting less than what you planned for.

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