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Firefox Search Problems – Rootkit? Trojan? Virus?

BSODRecently, my computer has come down with a very nasty bug.  When I try to use Google or Yahoo search, I get the correct results but the link takes me to another site.

For instance, I search for “widgets”, my search returns several links for widgets like normal. But instead of the link taking me to, it sends me to or something similar.

Attempts to Removal

I have tried all the programs I know to try:

  • SpyBot Search and Destroy
  • Ad-Aware 2008
  • Spyware Terminator

Spyware Terminator actually finds it, but once I “delete it”, I can search and find it again.  I have already considered reformating my hard drive, (my machine is not a peppy at once was, and has wasted harddrive space  from past programs) and moving to Linux.

Advice of Others

I visited Firefox’s, IRC line, and was told to try two tools, and if they could not resolve my issue, to reformat.

Do you have any ideas? Or have any stories of you own?

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